Sandra Brown is another of my favorite authors.

I’ve been reading her books for years and have enjoyed every one of them.

Sandra Brown is an American bestselling author of romantic novels and thriller suspense novels.

She has won several awards including the Romance Writers of America's Lifetime Achievement Award
and the International Thriller Writers Award, "Thrillermaster."

You may not know it but she has also published under three different pen names - Rachel Ryan, Laura Jordan, and Erin St. Claire.

Her books come in various genres including suspense and thrillers, historical, and classic romance.

She started her writing career in 1981 (on a dare from her husband!) and since then she has published nearly 70 novels.

More than 50 of her novels have been New York Times bestsellers.

Her novel French Silk was made into a made-for-tv-movie and was released in 1994. It starred Susan Lucci, Shari Belafonte, and Lee Horsley.

I’ve read many of her books.

Some of her books have racy, steamy sex scenes in them.

Take her novel, Ricochet, as an example.

Here’s an excerpt from page 197...

“He dragged the thong panties down her legs and focused on the patch of soft hair between her thighs.”

Or how about...

“…he angled her up and held her in place as he thrust into her with escalating forces, the tempo increasing, the friction growing hotter, until he shattered with pleasure.”

As you can see, some of her sex scenes are descriptive without being vulgar.

But they do excite the imagination – which is the whole purpose of reading a romance novel, isn’t it?

It’s not just the sex scenes that make her romantic novels so hard to put down.

It’s also her writing – the plot development, the character development, and the way she weaves curiosity, suspense, intrigue, and erotica into a seamless work of art.

Romance Novels In Sequence

When reading a new author it’s always good to know if any of his or her books are in sequence so you start from the beginning. And it’s a common question that fans ask.

Ms. Brown does, in fact, carry her characters over from one book to another in several novels.

These novels include:

Smash Cut / Touch Customer

Texas!Lucky / Texas!Chase / Texas!Sage

Fanta-C / Adam’s Fall

Sunset Embrace / Another Dawn

Led Astray / The Devil’s Own

Low Pressure, is her latest book and was published in September, 2012. She releases one book a year since she states that she needs this amount of time to research and develop the book and give it the attention it needs.

Consequently, Deadline is being released in September 2013.

I highly recommend Sandra Brown’s books. They’ve got terrific stories and I’m sure you’ll find that they’re hard to put down once you start reading them.

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